I'll be on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio today just after 3pm eastern - you can listen on Sirius 102 or on the web at https://www.guntalk.com/gun-talk-radio Added: Note that Gun Talk is not on Sirius Radio. Here's the list of stations GTR is on. 270+ stations.
I will run for the 76th seat
Wayne has a challenger!
Hopefully Wayne will have a challenger!!!
Ballots must be received by May 8
Ballots must be received by the NRA no later than May 8 so please VOTE
Something the NRA should be leading.....
On Monday, March 14, I had the honor to be interviewed on the Polite Society Podcast hosted by Paul Lathrop, Robyn Sandoval, Charlie Cook, and Rob…
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Frank Tait for NRA Board of Directors