Frank’s Platform

It is well past time for the “Gang of 4” current leadership (EVP LaPierre, President Meadows, 1st VP Cotton and 2nd VP Lee) to step aside and for the Board to step up and perform its fiduciary duties

Transparency and Accountability

  • Fully cooperate with an Examiner or Trustee as appointed by the Bankruptcy Court.

  • Fully implement former CFO Spray’s systems, reforms and management controls for ALL employees, contractors, vendors and board members, including the full board reviewing and approving any tax filings before submission.

  • Demand restitution for ALL inappropriate payments or reimbursements to the extent permitted by law

  • Engage an external auditor with a comprehensive scope of engagement to ensure that appropriate management controls are in place and are being followed.

  • Implement a Board Nominating process with clear eligibility criteria that brings forward candidates with the experience, talent and skills needed to govern the NRA. All eligible candidates to be on the ballot. End nominations just for celebrity.

  • End the “Consent Agenda” approach to Board meetings and reestablish vigorous discussion and debate.

  • Implement a clear strategic plan for the NRA that focuses on OFFENSE to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights. We have played defense for far too long.

  • Collaborate with sister 2nd Amendment rights organizations at the national and State level - end the “Not Invented Here” approach.

  • Implement a clear succession Planning process for Board leadership and senior management.

  • Reduce the size of the Board to 25 seats. 76 seats is ungovernable.

  • Implement Term limits for the Board as advocated by the Save the Second movement. I commit to serving no more than 3 terms on the board of directors and to attending every board and assigned committee meeting.  Boards need new blood and 3 terms is more than enough to make an impact.

  • Strengthen the Board discipline process. Eliminate the Executive Council. Make it easier for members to remove non-performing Officers and Board Members.

  • Rebuild confidence and membership with the disaffected members who have stopped giving or dropped membership over the improprieties of the LaPierre regime.

  • Always keep in focus that the strength of the NRA is the Members - not the management or any individual.


A proven leader with over 20 years of success in board of director and senior executive management roles setting policy for for-profit and non-profit organizations with service on Audit, Finance, Executive, Governance, Human Resources, Nominating and CEO Search committees and leadership roles as Board Chair, Board President, Secretary and Treasurer. NRA Benefactor Life member, NRA Training Counselor and NRA Chief Range Safety Officer (CRSO).

On My Dime

The NRA is a non-profit.  I will provide financial support to the organization as one of my top 3 charities each year. I will not take any money from the organization.  I will pay my own expenses.  Our members money needs to be focused on programs and defending our rights.

Nomination by Petition of the Members

I will ALWAYS run by petition (or as a write in), look members in the eye & meet them in person at events all over the nation. I will stay as long as I am of use to the members, continuing to earn their their trust even if nominated by the internal nominating committee in the future. 

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