We're still trying to save a fast sinking ship
The judge is still speaking - and I will have an update after consulting with counsel.
Interesting perspectives on why the meeting was cancelled and potential unintended consequences
Write-In candidates didn't make the top 28 - All remaining on the ballot were elected
3 director resignations - are more on the way?
The intervenors filed their rebuttal response to the NRA and the NY AG filings last week. The responses are on this site - go to page 5 and start with …
NRA response due on July 9
Even in the face of this challenge, is the Board setting up another structure to protect EVP LaPierre?
"The Attorney General’s argument makes the board responsible for the fact that NRA is in danger of dissolution."
Brewer wants a jury trial in Manhattan??? Are they Deranged?
NRA members file to intervene in the NY case! This is an extremely important case for all NRA members, and I'm proud to help represent our interests. f…
Why does the NRA Board not address the negative impact of Wayne LaPierre?