How many people left or will not join the NRA because of Wayne LaPierre?

Why does the NRA Board not address the negative impact of Wayne LaPierre?

Last weekend was the first Gun Show in the Philadelphia area since the start of COVID. There were over 1,000 tables and it was very well attended. Firearm’s Owners Against Crime graciously let me hang out at their booth. I spoke to over 1,000 attendees asking them to write me in on the NRA Board ballot.

Over the 3 days of the event, about 400 NRA voting members took my flyer explaining how to write me in on the ballot. Many asked for extra copies so they could share at with other like-minded NRA members. It was fascinating to watch the pattern in the interactions. Over half kept walking away as I started my pitch. As soon as I said, “I’m part of the group working to get rid of Wayne LaPierre”, they immediately turned around and engaged. Many thanked me for making the effort. Only 3 people said they would not support me as they supported Wayne.

About an equal number told me they were no longer an NRA member and that they had shifted their allegiance to Gun Owners of America (GOA), Second Amendment Foundation or Firearm Policy Coalition (FPC). The NRA recruiter at the event said that 9 of 10 people he talked to said they would not renew or join as long as Wayne LaPierre remained at the NRA. Many told me that they were sending back membership and fundraising solicitations with messages that they would not join/renew or give until Wayne is gone.

Several hundred were NRA members, but not voting members. They also were very supportive of reforming NRA management and the Board.

This message about the negative impact of Wayne has gotten to the board. That they have done nothing with it is infuriating. It’s like the Board has a mental block that immediately discounts anything negative about the EVP. Competent leadership would be demanding an analysis of the impact of this sentiment on membership. Is Wayne the reason we do not have 10,000,000 members?

Members will elect 25 directors in this election (the ballots are coming out now). Members need to send a clear message that we DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY. There are 28 candidates on the ballot. Bullet voting is the best way to send that message of accountability

The only director on the front of the ballot that deserves a vote is Owen Buz Mills as he stood up and supported Judge Journey’s attempt to bring in accountability.

NONE of the Nominating committee endorsed candidates deserve a vote. In particular members need to send the message that Carolyn Meadows, the NRA President who admitted that she shredded and burned her notes so that they would not be available, should not be re-elected.

I understand that Rocky Marshall is also running as a write in. In his short time on the Board, he has stepped up and asked the tough questions that Directors should. He deserves your support.

I ask that you please write me and Rocky in on the ballot for the 2021 board of directors election when you get you ballot in the next couple of weeks. It is in the June/July issue of your NRA magazine.

Write In’s MUST have the information as depicted below. Thank you for your support.

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