NY AG responds to NRA motion to dismiss

"The Attorney General’s argument makes the board responsible for the fact that NRA is in danger of dissolution."

The must read NRA in Danger Blog highlights the NY AG’s “eviscerating” the NRA’s Motion to dismiss in these 2 posts:



This motion makes it very clear that the risk of dissolution of the NRA is real.

“NRA complains that in other enforcement actions, the NY OAG (Office of Attorney General) did not seek to dissolve the nonprofit corporation. The difference is that in those cases, the boards DID remove the embezzling officers, so we had no need to dissolve the corporation. But here, NRA’s board has kept LaPierre in place and done nothing to check him. That makes this an appropriate case to dissolve the corporation, which wasn’t true in the other cases.”

The NRA board just met last Saturday and maintained the status quo.

This is why NRA members have filed a motion to intervene in the case so that members interests are properly represented and that we get Wayne LaPierre and his cronies removed and get the dissolution of the NRA off the table.

Members will elect 25 directors in this election (the ballots are in teh current issue of your magazine). Members need to send a clear message that we DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY. There are 28 candidates on the ballot. Bullet voting is the best way to send that message of accountability

The only director on the front of the ballot that deserves a vote is Owen Buz Mills as he stood up and supported Judge Journey’s attempt to bring in accountability.

NONE of the Nominating committee endorsed candidates deserve a vote. In particular members need to send the message that Carolyn Meadows, the NRA President who admitted that she shredded and burned her notes so that they would not be available, should not be re-elected.

I understand that Rocky Marshall is also running as a write in. In his short time on the Board, he has stepped up and asked the tough questions that Directors should. He deserves your support.

I ask that you please write me and Rocky in on the ballot for the 2021 board of directors election when you get you ballot in the next couple of weeks. It is in the June/July issue of your NRA magazine.

Write In’s MUST have the information as depicted below. Thank you for your support.

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