Bullet Voting in the NRA Board of Directors Election

Write in Frank C Tait and R.B. Rocky Marshall, Jr. - leave the rest of the ballot blank

Jeff Knox wrote a great article on bullet voting a while back.

With the exception of Owen “Buz” Mills, NONE of the Nominating committee endorsed candidates deserve a vote. In particular members need to send the message that Carolyn Meadows, the NRA President who admitted that she shredded and burned her notes so that they would not be available, should not be re-elected.

I understand that Rocky Marshall is also running as a write in. He has stepped up and asked the tough questions tat Directors should. HE deserves your support.

I ask that you please write me and Rocky in on the ballot for the 2021 board of directors election when you get you ballot in the next couple of weeks. It will be out in the June/July issue of your NRA magazine.

Write In’s MUST have the information as depicted below. Thank you for your support.

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Please share this with other NRA voting members on your social media accounts so that we can make a difference in this election.